About The PAA

Our Mission

The mission of the Peekskill Arts Alliance is to promote and serve the vibrant and diverse arts community in Peekskill and the Hudson Valley. The PAA presents arts events; fosters collaboration among artists, businesses, regional partners, and the public; engages new audiences; identifies sources of funding; and raises public awareness, appreciation, and recognition of the value of arts in the community. The PAA is a 501(c)(3) arts and education organization.

Involvement in Your Artist Community

Being a member has its privileges! You get to work with and get to know your fellow artists, businesses, city officials, art venues and community organizations. Involvement in collaborative projects and the PAA itself is a rewarding experience and is also a good resume builder! Join the PAA and be part of an extraordinary organization!

Who Can Be a Member?

All disciplines and levels encouraged! Visual, performing, graphic, commercial arts are welcomed and included! We welcome artists from Peekskill and the surrounding Hudson River Region.

Not an Artist? Not a problem! Art lovers, entrepreneurs, and all other interested individuals are welcome to join!

Board Members

President – Robin Kline
Vice President – Larry D’Amico
Secretary – Karen Kelley
Treasurer – Linda Winters
Robin Arzt
Carol Bash
Jo-Ann Brody
Beth DeWit
Lawrence Flood
Dan Florin
Joann Zwolski