Barry Wechsler

Metalsmith / Enamelist

3408 N Deerfield Ave
Yorktown NY 10598
[by appointment]




Aesthetic For me, there is an initial lure of pattern, followed by the joys of color and texture. By tuning into nature, I perceive resonant forms: circles, lines, cylinders, planes, etc. This perception calls for the touch of craft and the rhythm of hand - the call to "create". I invoke the malleable integrity of metal and the delicate certainty of glass. The result is a vessel - decorative and celebratory - which I offer up to others. The vessels are, ultimately, a dance with nature and a concentration of energies. I see each vessel as a unique form with unique lines; these serve as a physical matrix within which the luminosity of the enamel glass "cells" and the luster of the surrounding metal "reserve" emanate synchronously. Meditation on these four aspects of the vessel - structure, line, glass and substrate - flows into an awareness of possibilities and potentials. This is, actually, a celebration of our unique and individual human lights, colors, transparencies and mysteries. Barry Wechsler