Brenna OToole


Soft Pastel, Watercolor, Calligraphy


Brenna is a pastel artist, calligrapher, and musician. Occasionally she makes forays into the world of water media, but she keeps coming back to soft pastels. She draws much of her inspiration from the natural beauty of the world, and her work focuses primarily on landscapes and living things. Landscape painting is a time-honored tradition, rich with history and vibrant with fresh interpretation. The changing moods of nature provide a way to reflect on human emotions and explore how we project our emotions onto our environment. In 2015, Brenna started pursuing calligraphy. Perfecting that art is a lifelong journey, and practicing calligraphy quickly grew into an obsession. She plans to fuse painting with calligraphy in a future series of work. Brenna received her BA in Fine Art and English in 2006. Her pastel paintings have been accepted into several juried shows, and she does fine art and calligraphy work on commission.