Bria Waterman

Acrylic, oil paint, mixed media

(914) 257-3639



Bria The Artist was born on September 24th, 1993, straight outta the Bronx, NY. A true polymath, she seamlessly weaves her roles as a singer, songwriter, producer, visual artist and poet into a dazzling tapestry of creativity, making her a Bri-dimensional force. Recognized early for her artistic prowess, Bria embarked on a four-year Visual Arts major at Lincoln University, PA, before diving headfirst into entrepreneurship. Her musical odyssey, ignited in the lively choir of her Peekskill, NY church, took a thrilling turn at HBCU, Lincoln University, where armed with self-taught keys skills, she fearlessly stepped into the spotlight during her sophomore year. Crafting neo-soul magic, her inaugural single "T.R.E.E.S. (To Reach Every Existing Seed)" in 2017 set the stage for a whirlwind adventure, using one of her original paintings as the project's cover art. The release of her first short album, "Moon Swings," in 2019, defied boundaries and showcased her unparalleled skills, all recorded and produced on her phone. Collaborating with industry giants like Ne-Yo, Nicole Henry, and Richie Goods, Bria is a maestro of genre-defying experiences. Meanwhile, her artistic prowess as a painter and sketch artist thrives in Westchester, NY, where she passionately advocates for authenticity. Brace yourself to join Bria on this electrifying journey where art, culture, and identity collide in a symphony of creativity and passion, embraced by her fanbase, known as Bri-Dimensionals.