Eileen Sullivan

Eileen M. Warmbrand

Drawing, Mixed-Media, Painting, Photography

916 Main Street
Unit A
Peekskill, NY 10566




Until recently I believed a photo, was a photo, was a photo; it was pristine, unchangeable. I thought cropping was when you tore the pic in half because you broke up with someone and 'photoshop' was where you sent the film to be developed. Well, I've finally caught up with technology and discovered that, not only can I erase the ex completely, I can actually replace him! If it were truly that simple! My photographs run the gamut from, traditional landscapes to renvisioned "escapes," fixtures to 'textures,' the mundane (maybe not that mundane) to moondance. I play with the camera, capturing what catches my eye. I play with the photo, sometimes, to see what else I can find. My paintings are the produce of a personal development workshop I created, The Meditative Canvas. It incorporates guided meditation and painting. Participants are led through a short meditation to help them visuaslize a possible answer regarding a personal issue. Still in a meditative state they paint what they visualized. The canvas goes with them as a "living document" that they can continue to enage with. I also write poetry that I painstakingly choose photographs to compliment. I call them "PhotoPoetic;" definite upgrade from my high school yearbook quips. Charcoal and pastel, another medium I employ. So, please peruse, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy.