Eric Bechtold

Digital and film photography

Carmel, New York


I am a photographer driven by a deep fascination with the world around me. My passion lies in capturing the essence of New York City, the Hudson Valley, and beyond through a unique lens. Rather than focusing on the commonly celebrated scenes, I am drawn to the unconventional and overlooked. It is within these less picturesque spaces that I find the raw beauty and stories waiting to be told. My process is one of discovery and immersion. I wander through the streets and landscapes, patiently observing and waiting for the right moment to capture. By highlighting the beauty in the unconventional, I hope to inspire others to perceive the world differently and appreciate the stories that often go untold. In my creative process, I employ a combination of digital and traditional techniques to bring my vision to life. With digital cameras, I capture the scenes that catch my eye, allowing me to explore the nuances of composition and lighting. Utilizing advanced printing techniques, I transform these digital captures into stunning fine art giclée prints, ensuring that every detail and texture is preserved. Additionally, I embrace the timeless artistry of 35mm black and white film. This analog medium offers a unique aesthetic and a sense of nostalgia that resonates with me deeply. Through the meticulous process of shooting on film, I carefully select and compose each frame, appreciating the limitations and beauty that come with this traditional method. By blending digital and traditional techniques, I am able to push the boundaries of creative expression. Each step of my process, from capturing the initial image to crafting the final print, is a deliberate and intentional endeavor.