Felice Gittelman

Installation artist using collage, stitchery, and photography,

223 Viewpoint Terrace



 I think the word “circuitous” best describes me as an artist. By that I mean a way to value life as repeated acts of creating….  a continual, at times, painstaking process driven by the euphoria of feeling connected.  I have passionately embraced the creative process since childhood, with a persistent yearning to share its unique attributes to promote independence, self-knowledge, and community integrity. My certification in art therapy and special education have afforded me rich opportunities to empower children and adults when faced with disabilities.  In 2018, I put this professional hat to rest and continued my “circuitous” journey as an MFA student at The Vermont College of Art in Montpelier,Vermont.  Through my two-year study I reexamined my passion for art making and the creative process.  This time, to foster greater independence, self-knowledge and strengthen relationships with my family and community.               Stitching is a predominant part of my art practice.  For me, it is a method of drawing; much like I imagine “drawing with scissors” might have been for Matisse.  Through stitching I can haptically experience and visually mark the paths of my journeys. Guiding the threaded needle “in” and “out” mirrors the rhythm of my body’s breath and movements; patiently yet persistently forging forward to uncover meaning through the living and lived.