Inez Andrucyk

Mixed media


Compassion is Freedom  “Could a greater Miracle take place than for us to look through each others eyes for an instant?” -Henry Thoreau.   This art expresses the flux around social, personal, and physical experience (i.e. order/disorder). It searches for balance and joy within an often chaotic, painful, and surprising world. It pushes toward solutions and attempts to give voice to those caught up in the life storm. Aims: To evoke compassion, empathy, and positive action. To expose and change stereotypes. To raise awareness of the need for preventative measures. To support programs that provide resources and care. To support fields searching for solutions not only profit. Finally, the art is dedicated to loved ones we have lost, to give strength to those who struggle, and praise for survivors. Hope is born from the remembrance, joy, and appreciation for all we have been given. Rebirth is the development of new ideas and habits. Renewal is life for future generations rising from our ashes.