Jason Gregory




Jason Gregory is a Florida Native living in the Hudson Valley region of New York. He retired in 2017 with over 20 years of service as a New York City Correction Officer working on Rikers Island. After retirement he enrolled in the Visual Arts program at Westchester Community College to pursue his life long passion for art where he is currently a student. Earning a full grant for Academic excellence, he will graduate with an A.F.A. with an emphasis on Studio Art. Working in oil paints and Printing Ink, he creates his works on canvas and Monotype Printing Paper.
He gains inspiration from photos and his own imagination, as he tries to reconnect to the world through fresh eyes using representation as a form of self expression. His only desire is to add a small amount of beauty to the world. He is currently focusing his attention on landscape portraits, equine art, and Native American War Ponies. His style is rooted in classical art, utilizing wet-on-wet blending, impasto, and glazing to create visually stunning works. While new to the Art scene, he has finished several private commissions, and brings his passion to the easel every day, improving his skills and honing his style with each new composition. Many of which are available to interested parties.