Joann Zwolski



My inspiration comes from the interplay of three art elements - line, color and texture. I allow the unexpected to happen with endless possibilities as the result. I work spontaneously building layers. Each layer reacts mysteriously with the previous layer. It is a continual process of discovery. As the painting develops my focus becomes fine tuned and I start to organize and develop my composition. My line is a quick mark that tries to capture and record energy. Color is another essential ingredient in my work. My palette is full of brilliant values from a wide spectrum of colors. I love all colors but favor red. Red energizes, motivates and inspires me. Red is a symbol of joy. My texture is both implied and real. I create texture through layers and layers of paint. Sometimes I apply paint with non-traditional tools such as a potato masher. Interaction with the viewer is the essential final process. I encourage the viewer to bring their vision and life experience to the painting. The abstract nature of this work allows the viewer to explore the paintings and see what lies within the mysterious layers.