Lawrence Flood

Lawrence Flood

Painting, drawing, computer graphics and print making

(646) 739-0789



Welcome to Summer 2018. I am a board member of the PAA and a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (BFA).  Making art is an activity that I truly enjoy.  When creating art I try to express my thoughts and emotions. Craftsmanship and an awareness of art history are elements incorporated into my art.  I believe art is most successful, when another person develops a personal connection to the piece. This set of images was inspired by summer. Each images can be purchased as a museum quality unframed giclee print for the reasonable price of:  8" x 8" ($50), which includes shipping within the USA.  Not bad. To contact the artist or purchase a print send an e-mail: Visit to see more of my art. Updated: June 29, 2018