Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Visual and asemic poetry, artists' books, drawing, mixed media.

Cortlandt Manor, NY

914 737 2052



Drawings as visual and asemic poetry in artists’ books, bookworks  & pages expand the merged viewing and reading experience by fusing  language and marks into  sculptural space. Dense fragmented language is part of the journal keeping.  Word is often united with image rather than describing the image.  Like most books, these are also involved with sequential ideas, moving in time and space. The sculptural space and each page is  fused to the content and the concept. Daily life and the living of it, and feeling it intensely, both the pain and joy, these are the real content of all the works. All images, are symbols of other things, as well as being what they are themselves. Abstracted narratives are included.  A couple themes do run together. When there are no words, the reading sensation still exists. But fragmented words unite with images as they split. Even with reoccurring images, or words, each work uses each differently, a unique story within the concept. Many disciples and techniques are incorporated using various materials. Interspersed within one work can be gouache, drawing inks,  pencil marks and collage, cut areas, tears and holes. There is sometimes an univited mouse in the house, more than one, looking and reading and making trouble. The diverse visual and verbal experiences are caused by merging the multi-layered multiple elements (photos, drawings, shapes and marks), with the themes, and with the fragmented readable and unreadable language. Content, vehicle, structure, form, medium, word, and image, reveals concepts- a variety of artists’ books and drawing pages.