Michael Safe Baker




CAPTURING YOUR DREAMS AND VISIONS!!! I am Michael Safe Baker. I have always loved God and music and God and music has always loved me. I know that God will reveal more of His Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding daily. I see, hear and feel your joy, pain, laughter and tears each and every day. May YOU ALL continue to be blessed by GOD and thank YOU for being who YOU are because of the inspiration that I receive from HIM and YOU! I listen to just about everything musically you can imagine because music is a universal language and I never want to stop learning about music. I also am inspired by EVERYTHING including Nature, other artists and most importantly YOU! A special message to other Artists AND people in general: The separation of TALENT and SKILL is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel, who have dreams and who want to do things in life. TALENT you have naturally. SKILL is only developed by hours and hours and hours of perfecting your chosen craft. Every day I practice for hours and hours, often times in the public view. I go to sleep and I get up the next day no matter how I feel and I repeat the process. I am from the old school of thought that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. So in the words of Simply Red: I'll Keep Holding On!!! - Because it makes me STRONG!!! Lesson: Cherish your TALENT, SKILL and TRUE FANS!!! I Specialize in Audio and Video Design, Production, Recording Engineering, Mixing, Remixing, Live Sound Support and Custom Sound System Design, Home Theater Consultation and Personal Computer, Electronic and Home Security Consultation Services. Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, DJs, Photographers, Videographers and IT/Computer Support Personnel Available Upon Request for Your Projects. 24 Hour Service. 1-347-866-6509. falselyaccusedstudios@gmail.com, ministermichaelmusic@gmail.com. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!!
Also I have been quietly working for quite some time on my book:
"Falsely Accused: The Autobiography, Poetry and Life Observations of Minister Michael Safe Baker"
I am currently seeking Artists with the following professional skills:
  1. Authors with experience in helping other Artists complete their autobiographies.
  2. Photographers and Videographers with experience in capturing the "REAL LIFE" human experience.
  3. Painters with Portrait experience.
Selected Artists for this project will be well compensated financially.
Please email your resume, cover letter, preferred compensation rates, website info and any other information that you feel is relevant to support your being considered for this project.
Thank you and have an ARTISTIC life!!!
Safe and Falsely Accused
Falsely Accused Audio and Video Studios