Natalya Khorover

repurposed mixed media

69 Ridgeview drive, Pleasantville, NY 10570




Reclaiming and repurposing materials to use in my art has been my practice for years. I use meditative hand stitching and mending of vintage linen, alongside my industrial sewing machine to stitch and collage layers of translucent single use plastics which would otherwise contribute to litter pollution. The transformation I subject them to makes these materials unrecognizable.  My design inspiration is drawn from the urban environment, buildings of all styles and sizes, new and dilapidated. I think of bridges as intricate heavy metal lace, and fire escapes as the iron spines which hold up our aspirations. Graffiti is the voice of the city - powerful and opinionated. Even weeds pushing their way through the cracks in the sidewalk add to the beauty and complexity of the urban environment. The contradiction of my materials and subject matter - flimsy plastics, vintage linens and manmade symbols of progress and power – useful and damaging – are the underpinnings for the social, environmental and political narrative that defines my work. Architecturally inspired, thoughtfully repurposed and delicately stitched is my art practice. The climate emergency that the world is facing right now is informing how I live and practice my art. I use my artwork to engage and raise awareness about the need to achieve a zero waste society.