Paul Jeffries

Bronze, brass, steel, plastic, paint

1743 Clover Road, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547



Sculpture, compels me for its technical challenge and unwavering demand for intuitive expression. The endeavor inspires an inward journey, which becomes philosophical and deeply informed. This course follows the path of many sculptors to include the creation of functional objects: a bathroom sink, a rainspout, a bench, jewelry for my wife, and a stone garden for the house I designed.

My sculpture is hand fabricated from bronze, copper, aluminum, or steel. Surfaces may be patinaed or painted. Almost a decade ago, I started applying components generated from my 3-D printer. All my works are one of a kind.

My art education began in high school with a Dura Scholarship to the Brooklyn Museum and a New York University Scholarship. One day, I knocked on the door of Isamu Noguchi. He invited me into his studio and allowed me to interview him for an art class. His generosity instilled in me a commitment to provide guidance to younger artists.

I studied medical illustration at Rhode Island School of Design, but left to accept a Sojuorno Scholarship to the Academia de Belle Arti de Roma. I was fortunate to apprentice to renowned masters: Emilio Grecco, Pericle Fatzinni, and Henry Moore.

I have worked as a sculptor, painter, and designer for over thirty-five years. I am lucky to be able to follow this calling. My work is my resume.

Paul Jeffries