Ramona Quadri





As far as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with color’s magical potential to transform a blank canvas into a breathtaking piece of art. Color is soulful. Color inspires your mood, breathes life into the mundane and can accentuate the most uninspiring of depictions into something captivating. For me, color is everything. Even as child, I remember prancing around our upper Manhattan prewar apartment in the 80’s wearing the most colorful, boldly mismatched, imaginative outfits I could plaster on my awkwardly long-legged frame.  I remember falling in love with Cray-Pas Oil Pastels, handmade beading and absolutely anything watercolor.   I remember days full of lobbying efforts in hopes that despite living in one of New York City’s underprivileged Latin American communities, with a single mom and two younger brothers, we could maybe splurge a little on this young aspiring artist. Finally, after what seemed like months (it was probably more like weeks), I received my very first artist set, and the rest is well, history. Fast forward, art school, two university degrees later and a miserable existence behind a desk, I decided it was time to pursue my artist ambitions full-time. In 2016, with the support of my wonderful family, we launched an online handmade accessories shop called Cheeqy Dress Company. A happy, colorful place where a creative imagination comes to life! Our handcrafted designs are fresh and uniquely timeless.  We predominately offer beaded bracelets crafted with select genuine gemstones, crystals, Czech glass, including other high-quality glass beads.  We also carry a limited collection of eclectic necklaces and statement earrings. Our merchandise is sold online on Etsy and at The Evolution Gallery in the heart of Downtown Peekskill, New York.