Ryan O'Hare


Conceptual, Drawing, Film, Installation, Photography, Video

717 601 0668


Ryan's work examines the human condition through video and digital art. Using animation, special effects, and digital printmaking, he investigates the ephemeral, the uncanny, and what it means to be human in the dawn of the digital age.   With his charcoal animation work, Ryan created animated stop motion videos on a single piece of paper by making multiple revisions and erasures to the page. Each change left a trace of the previous frame on the paper; a reminder of the changes that took place from frame to frame on the page. This act of constant change captures the way one moment flows into the next.   In his "Pickled" series, Ryan concentrates on the imperfect preservation of a moment in our memories. The works, photography and video, begin as a snapshot from the Artist's life. Through photographic processes the snapshots are broken down and "preserved" in water. While wet the emulsions remain intact, but once allowed to dry, they become brittle and crumble off the paper backing. The "Pickled" videos are a record of this breakdown and serve as an archive, not of the moment itself, but it's passing in time. The photographs on the other hand are taken after the snapshot has fully degraded and captures a moment that has already come to pass.   Moving into Ryan's work with artificial intelligence, his "Hamlet" series of works, draws inspiration from artificially intelligent chatbots and uses them to create a self portrait of humanity in his digital animations and portraiture. As a machine learning program, these chatbots, learn from their communications with people and learn to mimic their grammar, syntax, and even emotional and psychological preoccupations.