Tony Piscitello

Sculpture - Bronze, Plaster, Terracotta, Resin

North White Plains, NY



My aesthetic preference is primarily realism, working from live models. I  sculpt from clay, or wax, develop molds, for casting in plaster, bronze, or resin. Clay and wax possess very versatile properties that can result into an infinite number of artistic outcomes. Through their plasticity, they allows the artist to use the tactile and visual senses to manipulate, shape, and release the energy and the form that is inside it.  The hands know what to do; and in concert with the eyes magically produce the desired results. Very little thought process goes into it, the modeling  just happens, yet it reveals movement, emotions, and feelings. My work includes several life-size sculptures and smaller pieces in bronze, plaster, terracotta, and resin. I am a member of: The Art Student League of NYC and a Signature Member of the American Artists Professional Association (AAPL) My work has been exhibited at several juried annual national exhibitions in New York City  with: the American Artists Professional Association, the Salmagundi Art Club is of NYC, and the Allied Artists of America