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I'm an art lover, hobbyist musician and craft aficionado. I lived in Peekskill previously and am residing further out in the Hudson Valley. Professionally, I'm a psychotherapist with a private practice serving adult and adolescent clients primarily located in NYC, Westchester, and Putnam counties. I'm also licensed and offer telehealth in Michigan and New Jersey. Most of my longterm clients are visual artists, designers, musicians, and creative writers, and they tend to range in age from 14 to 45. I often work with transgender young people, as well as their parents and loved ones, and I'm always happy to offer consultation or clinical supervision to newer clinicians, or therapists who are looking to gain knowledge related to gender identity, clinical work with LGBTQ+ clients, etc. I also provide cultural competency and clinical education training to organizations. Client or consultant inquiries should contact Jesse H. at 347-370-9175 or