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My name is Natalia Hayden, I run a small, woman-owned creative studio based in New York. As a daughter of Polish immigrants, I was raised speaking Polish and English in my home. My artistic journey began at the young age of three and I have always had an intuitive inclination to it.

I received my BFA in Visual Communication at OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. I minored in Art History, with concentrations in Illustration and Photography. For over two decades, I worked in fashion, advertising, e-commerce and social media marketing at small startups, boutique and large-scale advertising agencies, and trillion-dollar brands alike. I left the advertising world in 2019 to focus on my personal projects, using various artistic mediums with the hope of embodying the beauty I observe throughout the world.

Much of my work is inspired by the captivating energy and ambience of sunny Los Angeles, California. I fell deeply in love with the City of Angels in my ten years living there, sun-worshiping by day and stargazing at night. The vibrant colors of the landscape, thoughtful mindset of the people, and breathtaking views of its sun drenched beaches made Los Angeles home for me.

The mindful awareness, respect, honesty, and purpose the people of Los Angeles emit, taught me to be intentional, meticulous and thoughtful in my life and my work. We often lose sight of what truly brings us happiness with so many distractions at our fingertips. My hope is to share my love for California, expressed through my art, to bring some sunshine and happiness into the lives of those who experience my work. As an artist, sustainability and authenticity are very important to me. The use of high quality materials are paramount to my work, as they offer the best archival quality, texture and color intensity to help my artistic vision come to life. In order to be sustainable and keep my carbon footprint low, I use non-toxic paints and painting mediums throughout my process. I often look for ways to repurpose recycled items into my artistic process.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Loida, but I go by the name Anna, or Anna Doodles on social media.

I am an Illustration student with emphasis in Sequential art, and I am currently in my Sophomore year.

I mainly create Japanese-style comic books, also known as Manga. I also dabble in more light, children’s book illustrations, cartoon-work, and other illustrations inspired by my culture.

More of my work is available on my Instagram: