Andrew Barthelmes

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901 South St.

Oil Painting

(914) 874-4938



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I grew up in the Hudson Valley, a place of great beauty, but also a place that has seen tremendous change as it transforms historical centers of industry of the past in today’s post-industrial economy. My work is about these places and these people, about our isolation, and about our relationship to the urban landscape. While the Hudson River School portrayed an idealized version of the Hudson Valley just as it was entering the industrial period, I am attempting to capture its aftermath and our existence within cities. I do not intend to be nostalgic, or to romanticize my subjects.

I imagine everything about my next painting: I see the time of day, the human element, or lack thereof, the angle of light, the feeling I want to evoke. Then I go out and try to find that place. My search usually doesn’t go very well. There are, of course, surprises along the way. Entirely new subjects reveal themselves, but mostly I keep looking for the place I was hoping to find. And sometimes I find something very close to, or better than, I imagined.