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ARTIST: Bria Waterman (a.ka. Bria the Artist)

MEDIUM: Paintings in acrylics

Artist statement:

“With the tendency to resurface, the ambiguity of the ‘Black’ person’s hankering for self-awareness seems to make its way through contemporary aesthetics in every form of art. My goal is to explore the emotional and spiritual link between people of color and their nostalgic experiences (big or small).”

Bria (a.ka. Bria the Artist) bio:

Bria (a.ka. Bria the Artist), born Bria Waterman, is a painter and sketch artist currently living and working in Westchester, NY. Her work focuses on the evolution, consciousness, and nature of the Black culture as it relates to her own. Working with acrylic paint, Bria captures the nurturing, leading spirit of the “Afrikan wombman”, the wise and protective nature of the man, and the ever-growing and learning spirit of the child. The curvaceous nature of the Black woman’s figure can be seen throughout her work both blatantly and figuratively. Gold paint is used through many of the artist’s works as it symbolizes the African’s history in royalty, wisdom and courage. Bria’s works painted in various earth tones and hues represent people of color and the human connection to nature. However, it is also evident in her black and white paintings that People of African descents are represented through hairstyles and facial features.

Bria’s artistic talents were realized at a young age by her parents and two older siblings. She was able to draw what she saw and instinctively create masterpieces from scraps. Her classroom doodling became her four-year Visual Arts major at (first HBCU) Lincoln University, PA . After leaving LU to focus on entrepreneurship in the world of art, Bria The Artist continues to build her brand, showcasing her talents online and around New York. The passionate artist believes, “You can’t teach someone what’s already in [her] heart.” Bria has taken away a lesson she holds extremely valuable: be yourself in all that you do.