Bonnie Peritz

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Mixed Media Painting; Collage; Printmaking


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Bonnie Peritz is a versatile multidisciplinary artist working lately with mixed media painting, collage and printmaking. Bonnie lived in New York City for much of her life and continues to work there. She relocated to the Hudson Valley some years ago allowing easier access to upstate New York and New England, areas she visits often to hike and escape city life. Enchanted by the moss growing on a rock, leaves crumpled on the ground and the hills and valleys of tree bark, Bonnie uses her relationship to nature and meditation as a major source of inspiration for her paintings, collages and prints.

An arts educator for over 20 years, Bonnie particularly enjoys working with young people, challenging them to get in touch with their “inner artist” and encouraging them to develop a life-long appreciation for the visual arts through their comprehension of history, materials and methods. In addition to teaching visual art, Bonnie teaches mindfulness meditation, using guided meditation techniques, and has had great success in helping her students to manage their stress and anxiety, while living a more creative life.