Eileen Sullivan

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Photography, Painting & Writing

(845) 208-1766



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Diagnosed with chronic conditions 10 years ago, I retired from teaching. I was gifted a digital camera and it became a wellspring of self-discovery and reconnection. It refocused the teacher onto alternative vistas; the teacher became the student. Through the process of teaching myself I viewed my life through different lenses, edited lessons of the past, developed and rediscovered a not so different passion, artistic expression. I consider myself an Eclectic Artist. I express through writing, drawing, painting, photography, and performing. Actively engaged artistically; exhibiting with the PAA, performing with EMBARK, reciting at open mics, attending writing workshops, I am also active in the community as a board member of Forall, an amateur theatre company here in Peekskill, a member of the NAACP and the HVGCC. I offer a painting and meditation workshop that I created. I am teaching again, in fact I never left teaching. I realized, that to those who have been with me through my struggles, I have been teaching by example. My example; set your sight, focus, take the shot. If you’re not satisfied. adjust, set your sight, focus, take the shot. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied. You’re the artist, and the subject. No one can picture it better than you.