Field Gallery

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4 Nelson Avenue


(914) 737-0521


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Untold Stories

Heidi Stein is a local mixed media artist who lives in Mahopac. This show at the Field Gallery for the month of June 2024 features Mixed Media artwork made with acrylic paint and collage. Each piece captures a moment in time through ephemera like handwritten letters and gel printed papers. Daily activities which someone would record in a letter or diary, like working, cooking and reading, are forgotten with the passage of time, but art transposes the ordinary into something extraordinary. Heidi enjoys using recycled, found and hand-painted papers that could be disposable, and featuring them in artwork elevates the mundane to something of lasting importance. Heidi Stein’s art consists of small decisions and a daily collage practice, an internal dialogue of experimentation and exploration, using paper and paint to create layers of interesting color and textures. FB = Heidi Stein; IG @HeidiStein65. Email to purchase anything from online or the gallery.