Gabriel Adames

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As an autistic artist Gabriel is interested in trying to reflect on how he thinks about his social identity as an individual. In his current process with painting he explores art as a therapy focusing on his personal struggles of his mentality and how his creativity is different from peoples views on autism and cultures of America. With exploring painting in conceptual portraiture he was able to reflect on his autistic personality with cultural iconography. By creating a painted archetype of emotive caricatures Gabriel demonstrates personal insecurities and traumas experienced by the cognitively challenged. He conveys this in the process of intense layering of materials in the paint. By combining different media with pastel drawing, oil bars, and muted colors of opaque paint the layers that become cluttered between structure of caricatures and chaos of poured paint. This helps him explore the internal emotions of his struggles being an autistic individual by addressing the anxieties that challenge the autistic.