Jo-Ann Brody

Showing At:
Tent Stop Gallery





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Brody’s work revolves around the female – the tree of life, earth mother and mother earth/clay/earth/dirt/dust. She works with clay and cement, both from and of the earth. The touch of the clay is her inspiration. Cement allows the work to be monumental in size not just stance. Recent work is paper mache bringing vibrant color to her figures

Figurative sculptures create simple strong lines in space through gesture and stance. The women—strong, rooted, reaching—are minimal; often faceless, linear, and yet suggesting an individual. The surface remains rough and variegated. In combination, rhythmic line and negative space imply dance.

In response to a need to communicate intergenerational stories and customs, Brody began creating books with words and pages and tiles.

All Brody’s work is done as an emotional and instinctive response to the world around. They cannot be explained intellectually; they grow from hand and heart.