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“Arc of the Viral Universe: a Notebook Project”

Join us at JO’s Body Shop for many artistic offerings! We will be featuring art and handmade products by shop owner/renowned healer Julie Overskei, Tarot Readings by Medium Athena Silver, and “Arc of the Viral Universe: a Notebook Project” Organized by Carla Rae Johnson.

About the artists/projects:
“Arc of the Viral Universe: a Notebook Project”
On exhibition at Jo’s Body Shop, 906 South Street, Peekskill, NY
May 4 – June 8, 2024 Wednesdays thru Saturdays 12:00-6:00 pm
PAA Open Studios Weekend: June 1 & 2 Saturday & Sunday 12:00-6:00 pm

“Arc of the Viral Universe: a Notebook Project” is a collaborative project organized by artist, Carla Rae Johnson. For this project 34 individuals: writers, artists (visual and performing), creative folks in every walk of life kept a journal, sketch/notebook for one year: from April 1, 2020 to April 1, 2021. “Arc of the Viral Universe” suggests that it is time for each of us who are part of this huge world-wide challenge, to take stock of our collective human condition, and make a record of our hopes, and the possibilities
this crisis presents for creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate future.”

“Arc of the Viral Universe: a Notebook Project” will be exhibited in a quiet, intimate, and contemplative space at Jo’s Body Shop. Drop in, have a seat, and enjoy art, poetry, imagery, and insights generated by the historic first year of the pandemic.
Julie Overskei, or “JO”: Julie is the owner of JO’s Body Shop on South Street, open four days a week for perusing and treasure-hunting. In the shop, you’ll find examples of her photography, paintings, hand-made healing products and colorful spirit sticks. JO has an MFA in Fine Arts from UCLA, where she studied New Forms and Concepts. In NYC she worked in multimedia production design for theater, corporate and educational institutions. Her passion has always been medicine and healing, so in 2013 became a licensed massage therapist and has had a private practice/arts shop in Peekskill for 10 years. Still an avid artist, you can come see her artwork, handmade healing products and more at her shop on South Street.

Tarot or Mediumship Readings with Athena Silver
15 minute mini-readings with one of Westchester’s best mediums!
Advanced sign-up by calling (347) 871-0164 or walk-ins as available.
Athena Silver: She connects with your energy, no matter how far away, and is able to receive messages from Spirits, Angels, deceased relatives, Guides, etc. Mediumship is not Athena’s only skill. She is also well versed in various spiritual practices both ancient and modern, several forms of witchcraft and brujeria, crystal healing and aura connection, deity and saint veneration, and numerous divination forms. She is also a practicing Witch and a teacher. Athena is a Minister of the Pagan Spiritual Path and loves to mentor students on their spiritual journeys of self discovery. Athena hosts a Witchcraft and Spirituality podcast, the Rebel Crow Psychic Show, available on YouTube and on all podcast apps. Athena will be offering mini 15-minute sessions for $40. If you’d like to contact a passed loved one, please bring a photo of your loved one to the session.