Linda Jean Fisher

Showing At:
Open Studio Archive

801 Central Ave.#2

Video, Creative Writing, Performance, Installation, Painting, and Sculpture

(914) 589-3431



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I will find the means to continue my art for the rest of my life; that is my primary goal. My art is my identity. Currently, I am a personal trainer and part of my time also includes caring for my three-year-old daughter and my beloved elderly mother. These are not part of my career as an artist, but they are part of my biography. I would be remiss not to include them, as they influence who I am as an artist and, therefore, what I produce. Just as the different media of my art intertwine with each other, affecting one another, so too my life with my art. But my art remains my primary career; it drives and sustains me. My art reckons with our mistakes, the errors we keep making. It takes the shit that nobody wants to deal with and puts it in your face through multiple forms–fingerprints, digital art, prose poetry, video, and performance–so you can’t avoid it, whether the issues are personal, cultural, political, historical. I’m dealing with it, now you deal with it: take responsibility, think, question, dig. The diverse media I use force confrontation. My art is about remembering but it is also about reparation. It reminds us that we are human and in this together.