Mike Heffernan

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Open Studio Archive


(914) 960-2402


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Artist Mike P. Heffernan lives in Montrose N.Y. and has spent most of his life in the area, living in Houston TX from ages 10-21. Drawing ever since he can remember, Mike has a long history of creating black and white drawings using mediums such as pen and ink, pencil and paint pens, successfully marketing to tattoo parlors and commissioning personal art.

More recently, he has stretched out into the world of color and his new work is taking the area by storm. His expansion I to acrylics and watercolor is hitting canvas and paper in an extraordinary way. Influences from his drawing are sometimes seen in his work, but it is the boldness in his acrylics and gentle movement in his watercolors that take front and center. His art stirs one to linger and contemplate the inspiring abstracts.