Mujgan Agardici

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Open Studio Archive

Mixed Media

(914) 486-8363


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I, Mujgan Agardici am a pyrographic artist. Since September, 2015, I have consistently worked on pyrography / wood-burning artwork.

Pyrography is a very old technique “writing with fire”, from the Greek pura (fire) and graphosa (writing). It is the ancient method of creating beautiful and unique works of art that never fade.

Since I have started pyrographic art, I have learned many different kinds of wood reactions when burned. Some do not allow making the burning process easy. Others fail at double varnish. I have had many failures in order to obtain this information.

A lot of people think back to the wood burning kit they had as a kid. They think stencils and they think tracing and what I do is none of that. What I’m doing is presenting pyrography as fine art similar to oil painting or water color.

I believe that many people have talent, but to have creativity and be a real artist, one needs to have inspiration and be able to show that inspiration in art. I still feel as if I am a child who is excited to learn newer art techniques, discover different parts of nature and create new projects. I love everything about nature, because nature itself is the best artist who shows me the many opportunities to discover in art. Thank you!.. S.Mujgan Agardici