RockwellB (Pseudonym)

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Tent Site Gallery

Acrylic on Cradled Wood




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RockwellB (ROCK-well-BEE, pseudonym) is an emerging New York contemporary history artist. Passionate about American history, RockwellB recognized that the 2020 Presidential election cycle was to be a momentous turning point in the story of the nation. RockwellB set out to create a real-time visual collection of paintings depicting headline news events spanning the tumultuous months leading up to and following Election Day 2020. Following the transition of the presidential power, RocklwellB continues to paint by adding 20 more bold paintings to the collection including (10) Heroes and Zeros of democracy paintings, as well as (10) timely Trump Trials paintings.

The collection of 60 acrylic paintings entitled “The Republic is Tested: History Unfolds Before Our Eyes” is Copyrighted. The purpose of this creative collection of paintings depicting the most recent American historic journey is to enrich and stimulate the discussion of important issues related to supporting the Constitution and defending democracy. It is RockwellB’s hope that these panels will inspire viewers to better understand this most trying time of our nation’s history.


In Loving Memory of DOCKEY whose goodness and kindness transcended the troubled times.

Thank you for your interest. This 60 painting collection is available for a gallery, institution or private collector.