Sharon Rubinstein

Showing At:
Off The Beaten Track - WCC


(914) 314-6696



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Sharon Rubinstein has been drawing and painting since she could hold a pencil. She studied art in college and beyond, and specializes in portraiture. She completed a portrait series for the Jefferson Valley Mall in 2018, had a one-woman show in Annapolis, Maryland from September through October, 2019, and has been included with many other PAA artists in a variety of local shows. Her work has appeared in Garrison, Croton Falls, Ossining, and at the Jefferson Valley Mall as a featured artist in an Arts Around Town event. She has also displayed work virtually at the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center. She is honored to have been included in the “Arc of the Viral Universe” joint journal project organized by Carla Rae Johnson. She has taught art at the Garrison Art Center, Cedar Lane Art Center, and elsewhere, as well as online.