Sherry Mayo

Showing At:
Off The Beaten Track - WCC



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I am a Hudson Valley artist born in Queens, NY. I have been working and showing locally for almost two decades in public spaces, galleries, and online. Before moving up to the City of Peekskill, I was in the East Village, where I lived and worked. I showed digital and traditional media in New York City and internationally for a decade.

My prescient symbolist paintings utilize a private cosmology to provide a space of transcendence. I work from reality and from memory to create magical, otherworldly paintings. Repeating themes of landscape and cosmos, such as bridges, trees, clouds, suns, stars, crows, poppies, cardinals, UFOs, a couple playing rock, paper, scissors, and a woman with demons in her head are all symbols. I am invested in the natural world and observation as well as imagined experiences, and I derive my symbology from both sources.

The process of making is a form of meditation and continuous without an endpoint. This experience during practice is transcendental in itself. The research aspect of the work is essential; it informs the work and helps develop the symbology. The sky, cosmos, and landscape are critical; I paint with a view to the future.