Tatyana Polyak

Showing At:
Off The Beaten Track - WCC


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My story
My art depicts the world around me from everyday items to far away places. Once the idea sparks my imagination, I start from a simple sketch and progress to the layers of colors.

One inspiration for my art comes from visiting remote Italian countryside. I am mesmerized by walking around the centuries old sites depicted by the early renaissance masters, the explosion of natural colors, the chaos of streets, structures, people. Yet, with the pace of modernity pressing on, these serene and seemingly frozen in time towns and hills look vulnerable in their beauty. This fragile beauty moves me to show it in my artwork.
Another source of inspiration for my art are the objects created by nature. The peculiarity of texture, the stillness of form, the play of light, the mysteries of shadows are the high points that inspire my creativity.
I am at the very beginning of my art creating journey. Before taking art classes and creating artworks, I was writing about the art scene in and around NYC. Art was my passion throughout my life. From museums, exhibitions, lectures to books and classes, art is a constant presence for me. At first, art creation was driven by a subconscious need to heal and calm. With time, it is becoming a way to observe and understand.

I am excited to share my artistic explorations with wider public and look forward to insights and thoughts it provokes.
You can see some of my artworks at my IG account https://www.instagram.com/aart_by_t/
Hope you will follow and connect with me.