Third Eye Arts

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201 South Division Street, Peekskill, NY



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Third Eye Arts is both a studio and a gallery. Located at 201 South Division Street right next to the Beanrunner Café, it displays the artwork of Nadine Gordon-Taylor and Doris Renza. It is a friendly environment filled with unique, insightful, and beautiful fine arts and crafts including paintings, mosaics, collages, handmade greeting cards, and giclee prints. The gallery owner, Nadine, has recently published two oracle decks (The Heart Path Oracle Cards and Animal Love Oracle Cards) with Inner Traditions Bear and Company. These decks contain both her intuitive artwork and writing. Her colorful and detailed art includes nature imagery (animals, birds, insects, plants, crystals, planets, myths, and symbols from around the world). Doris is known for her eye-catching mosiac vessels (bowls, plates, and flower pots), imaginative and vibrant paintings, and dramatic handmade frames. She also creates distinctive one-of-a-kind jewelry, collages, greeting cards, and grounding stones.