Tony Piscitello

Showing At:
Off The Beaten Track - WCC

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Bio – Tony Piscitello, Sculptor
Tony’s aesthetic preference is primarily realism, working from live models.
The process he employs is: traditional modeling from clay, developing clay molds, and casting in plaster or hydrocal. Other processes used are kiln-fired terra-cotta, and bronze casting using the lost-wax method.

Tony’s work includes several life-size sculptures and a few smaller pieces in plaster or hydrocal. In addition, he has worked on several smaller works in terracotta and bronze. and resin.
Tony has studied and is a member of: The Art Student League of NY; he is a Signature Member of the American Artists Professional Association (AAPL).,

For several years, he has exhibited his work at juried national exhibitions in New York City with::
> American Artists Professional Association
> Salmagundi Art Club is of NYC
> Allied Artists of America