10536 Art Gallery Looking for Artists

From: Nancy Butterfield 10536 Art Gallery Kat. NY nbutterfield@optonline.net

10536 Art Gallery is  looking for new and exciting artists to join the gallery for May and July 2019. (For starters) (We are booked for June)We have 6×6 spaces available for each artist. The hanging fee per month is 100.00 and the gallery gets 30 percent of each art work sold. The gallery is in the heart of Katonah! Inside (ebba) .

On April 27th 4-8pm there will be an art  stroll in Katona, free and open to the public. We have about 9 galleries now in Katonah! When an artist has their work with Nancy and Franco at 10536, they do a lot of social media, sell on line, send postcards, and give each artist business cards to hand out while they exhibit in our gallery

10536 artgallery.com u can find us on FB and Instagram as well.