September 3-October 29


This fall at Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster, NY! 100 RTE 312, Brewster NY

Please submit your best outdoor work following these specific guidelines. We will present your actual work (reception planned), and in our on-line catalog and on our website. Artists typically repeat their participation in our shows. Let us connect you with one of them to discuss showing on the farm and becoming part of the Collaborative community.


Tilly Foster Farm is a Putnam County operated site. It is an historical farm with a “small, farm animal zoo”. The farm consists of gently, sloped fields visible from Route 312. There is ample parking, restrooms, and a farm to table restaurant on the property (reservations required). We will be using the main entry field, the area near the small farm animal pens, and the field behind the pens down to and around the pond.


Show hours coincide with the farm’s hours of operation, seven days a week, 10 am to 4pm. The farm is also open to diners at Tilly’s Table (reservations required) Thurs. – Sat. 5-9pm and Sun. brunch, 11-3pm and dinner, 5-9pm.


The art must follow the standards of public art. No political statements of any kind will be considered. Artwork must be as proposed with only pre-approved changes before installation. No interactive art is allowed, with the ability for someone to climb on. The operative word is FAMILY FRIENDLY.


Artwork must be weather durable for 2 months.


SEND IN PROPOSAL BY JULY 16—images if you have them ASAP

We suggest a Farm Visit for first-time exhibiting artists: Actual site must be confirmed with a committee member before installation. Sites are the decision of the committee.

There are practically no trees for hanging art. Do not plan on having a tree; they are in very short supply. Hanging work will be given priority.


All artists must submit a complete project proposal by this date.
July 18: First press release formatted from your proposals!
July 24: Response to Proposals. You will be contacted by email or by a committee member.
July 30: Sites assigned with engineering or installation comments.
Aug 23-29 Install dates. 11-4pm. Call for your initial appointment during this time. Contact number will be provided with acceptance letter. It is your responsibility to deliver and install your work. CC does not have the manpower to assist you.
Aug 30-Sept 4 The week before the reception is for documentation only.
Sept 3, Sat: Opening Reception, 2-6 pm (Rain date: Sun., Sept. 4 or Mon., Sept. 5)
Oct 29, Sat: Last day. Exhibition is open to the public, until dusk.
Oct 30, Sun: End-of-Exhibition artists’ gathering, 4 pm, weather  and COVID permitting.
Oct 31-Nov 13: De-Installation. All art must be removed on time



—All proposals must be submitted digitally by email. Please put “Farm Show” in the subject line and
send to:

—Incomplete proposals cannot be considered. Please submit ALL required materials with your proposal on
or before July 16, 2022.

—Files MUST have your last name on each file. (i.e., Brody_sculpture.jpg or Brody_statement.docx).

—For proposed new artwork: maquette, photo or detailed sketch/rendering.

—For existing piece: two views, no more than 2.5M files. Jpg or png.

—New artists only: two images of previous work (preferably outdoors) related to the proposal.

—Specifications including title, size, materials, durable construction methods. Site needs.

—Secure installation plan, to be reviewed and approved by Collaborative Concepts committee.

—All pieces will be sited by the committee.

—Short 2-paragraph project statement describing proposed artwork.

—Current resume.

—Signed application form/contract.

—County of residence (for press purposes).


Large-scale, site-specific, kinetic, and sustainable-material artwork is encouraged. All artwork must be child friendly. CC will accept nothing one could trip on (no holes), or harm themselves by (no sharp edges), or become trapped in (no cables). Your art cannot be fragile. It must be able to last two months in weather and wind. Damaged art will be removed from the show at cost to the artist unless it can be repaired by artist on site.
Hanging work will be given a priority for trees. If there is not a tree available, the installer must have an alternative choice for installation without use of a tree.

Everything will be installed on a grass surface. There are no other hard surfaces. You must bring your own.

Weather is a consideration—rain and extremely high winds are common. Your art must be structurally sound and very well anchored. See website for examples and consult a committee member.
It may not have reflective surfaces that could cause a grass fire.

CC assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for your art.

The CC curating committee aims for a cohesive show and has final determination on the selection and placement of the art. Artists installed out-of-place must move their artwork. Initial install visit is with a committee member to insure proper placement.

Any significant changes from the proposal must be approved by CC and County representatives. Artworks not approved will be removed. This is a serious issue at Tilly Foster Farm.

Installation assistance can be arranged through collaboration with other artists on site. Installation and art upkeep is the sole responsibility of the artist. ALL USE OF LADDERS requires a spotter—for insurance purposes. NO EXCEPTIONS! You may drive up to your site for installation and take down during the designated times. The farm closes at 4pm.

Signage and site maps will be provided by CC. Artists may not place personal signage and publicity on site. Resumes and publicity will be on our website. You should also submit documentation of your art, digital or video, to CC, to be included on website, Facebook, and in catalog. We provide a walking tour map with price list.

If art is not removed by end of the De-Installation and Removal Period, it will be taken down at cost to the artist. Such artwork will become the property of Collaborative Concepts. Any exceptions must be requested and reviewed in writing and approved by the County. Artists not complying with this requirement will not be asked back for future shows.


The site must be returned to its original condition at the conclusion of the show. All materials must be removed.



There are no fees. All art must be funded independently. CC does not commission art or supply transportation.

The art is not insured by Collaborative Concepts. Any artist requiring insurance should secure personal coverage.
Collaborative Concepts accepts no responsibility for damage to the art by whatever cause.

Collaborative Concepts will issue publicity via e-blasts, press releases, advertise locally, and post on Facebook.

Artists are encouraged to publicize with text approved by the CC committee, with CC website included.

Artwork photos and info, including title, media, size, price and 2-paragraph statement, are required at installation.

Artists should provide a 2-sided page for Artists Notebook for reception; no publicity may be posted at sites.

A high quality photo 300 dpi and 2 M of data of your piece sent in during the month June and the first half of July will be considered for publicity.

Your price should include a commission of 30% to Collaborative Concepts. We encourage sales! All sales are through Collaborative. Collaborative pays sales tax (the combined sales tax rate is 8.38% in Putnam County).


Only digital proposals accepted; format proposals as Word or text documents, with jpg or png photos and scanned drawings under 2-3 MB each at 300 dpi. Google docs must be sent to


QUESTIONS: Jo-Ann Brody: 914-528-4458 evenings or

SITE VISITS: First time artists are strongly recommended to make a visit to the farm. CC will locate all sites on a map. Your site will be staked out based on your proposal and a member of the committee will meet and confirm site prior to installation.


We must have a proposal and the artwork must match it.




Please complete one signed form for each submission; scan and email with all proposal requirements above. Some of this information is for publicity purposes.

Artist Name                                                                    


City State                                              Zip                    County of residence                                        

Phone                                                   cell                                 

Email                                         Web site                                     Instagram handle                              



Dimensions H W D in inches                                           Medium                                                          


Anchoring system, describe your anchoring plan so that the artwork cannot be knocked over.

Site needs: i.e. level, sun or shade                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Retail Sale Price, including Collaborative Concept’s 30% commission                             

Please feel free to invite other sculptors to submit and then let us know!

Please consider volunteering!  



The submission of a proposal constitutes a commitment and an agreement with the above statements.

I have read and agree to the conditions listed in this Request for Proposals.


Lender/Artist                                                     Date