PAA Members Virtual Show: “Looking Forward”

Prospectus for a Peekskill Arts Alliance Virtual Art Exhibition

 “Looking Forward”

Prospectus.March virtual show.2

 The exhibition will be featured on-line at the PAA webpage

March 10, 2021 to April 30, 2021

PAA Members, in good standing, are eligible to participate in this exhibition. There is no fee to submit or to participate in this exhibition.  It is a virtual exhibition and the art will only appear on-line.

Artists are asked to submit up to three images of recent work, (done within the last 1-3 years) which will be lightly juried.  The material and physical size of the artwork is immaterial for this venue.  Image quality is important.  We will work with you to produce good quality images of your art ready for uploading. Please submit images with resolution 72 dpi or greater and the largest side no more than 1,000 pixels.

All sales will be processed through the PAA.  Art sold will be subject to a 20% commission fee.  Price your art accordingly.  Sales tax will be collected by the PAA. Shipping will be arranged directly between the artist and customer.


 SUBMISSION DEADLINE                       Tuesday, February 23rd

Notification:                                                Wednesday, March 3rd

Exhibition goes Live                                 Wednesday, March 10th

Exhibition Archived on PAA Website   Saturday, May 1st


 Images will be accepted by email:


For the subject line please use: (fill in name of show Exhibition Submission.  Attached images to the e-mail in JEG, PNG files or similar photo files. (Resources for photo editing are included below).  Name each file with your last name and artwork’s title; i.e.,: Matisse Girl Reading. In the e-mail include the following information:

Artist’s Name:

Best Phone contact:

E-mail address:

Image #1

Title, medium, dimensions, year, price

Image #2

Title, medium, dimensions, year, price

Image #3

Title, medium, dimensions, year, price

We look forward to your participation in this PAA on-line event.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this exhibition contact us at:

Resources for Photo Editing

Apps for phone: Go to your phone’s App icon and search for these:

“Image Size” (free) edits the size of your photos.

“DPI” (free) edits the DPI (Dots Per Inch) and changes resolution of your photos.


For MAC:

Affinity Photo” photo editing which compares favorably to Photoshop. Full editing capabilities in terms of sizing, DPI, color adjustment etc. 24.99


“Acorn 6” image editor, 29.99


Here’s a link to best free photo editors for 2021: